ACELLMED honoured with the prestigious CEBioForum Award 2024!

Acellmed has been honored with the prestigious CEBioForum Award 2024 in the R&D Collaboration category at the Central European BioForum 2024.

This is a great honor for us – and, we don’t hide it, a moment of emotion – the results of our work, hundreds of brainstorming sessions (both collective and individual) and thousands of hours in the labs have been recognized and appreciated so highly – acknowledged…

CORNEA 2024 – XVI International Symposium on Advances in Corneal Disease Diagnosis and Therapy

From February 29th to March 2nd, 2024, one of the most significant scientific events in Europe dedicated to innovative methods of diagnosing and treating corneal disorders – CORNEA 2024 – took place in Katowice.

During the inaugural session on February 29th, 2024, Professor Dariusz Dobrowolski delivered a lecture entitled: “Bio-printing method as a potential innovative approach to obtain a fibrin scaffold for corneal regeneration”…


We are pleased to inform you that Acellmed and its corneal project have been noticed in #HuaweiStartupChallenge3, organized by @Huawei Polska and @Startup Academy. After successfully passing the first two stages of the competition, we are among 20 finalists – the best Polish startups (selected out of 168!)…

Our aim:

Acellmed is a start-up founded in 2019 as a response to regional and global market demand for implementing innovative pharmaceutical and biotechnology solutions. We are focused on developing medicinal products that provide optimal efficiency and safety. We have access to modern research and scientific background. We work with ambitious scientists and operate on the basis of a modern and refined business model. Our goal is to bring to market innovative and effective solutions in the field of pharmacy and medical biotechnology – especially solutions based on microRNA technology, stem cells and liposome drug carriers (nanotechnology). Acellmed addresses its offer to leading representatives of Big Pharma, R&D units and biotechnology companies from Poland and abroad.

The therapeutic preparation for corneal reconstruction using 3D bioprinting technology

The innovative treatment for personalized liposome-based therapy of acute myeloid leukemia, acute myeloblastic leukemia using small inhibitory RNAs

Stem cells (iPSCs) and corneal stem cells

The therapy for use in the treatment of infections caused by SARS-CoV-2 virus

Commercial research

Preparation in the field of regenerative medicine, in the form of a treatment using corneal limbus stem cells together with a transparent fibrin scaffold used to perform the procedure of corneal reconstruction for patients with lesions of various etiologies. The application of the preparation assumes autologous transplantation of cells taken from an individual patient and multiplied under laboratory conditions, which will then be applied to a biodegradable fibrin scaffold prepared in 3D technology.

As a part of current strategic activities related to the development of an innovative offer, Acellmed is focused on the development of a unique solution being an original nanotherapeutic with no analogue product on the world market so far, that would be effective against SARS-CoV-2 infection and inhibition of COVID-19 disease progression. To date, no similar approach has been found for the formula of an antiviral drug dedicated to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. This furmula may prove to be as effective as or superior to mixtures of human or humanized monoclonal antibodies. The drug significantly reduces the mutational variability of human ACE2, while an approach that includes peptides with a sequence identical to fragments of the ACE2 protein provides no future resistance to the drug.

The actions will be conducted on the basis of microRNAs used in oncology therapy – which is currently a global trend in the field of oncology treatment. The aim will be to create a new unique nanomolecular product – based on RNA inhibitor drugs directed specifically to leukemic cells (blasts) characterized by the presence of specific markers. Depending on the characteristics of each type of acute myeloid leukemia (AML), it will be possible to use one or a mixture of preparations used in monotherapy or combined therapy with reduced doses of cytostatics or other drugs inhibiting the progression of the disease.

Our customers


  • Biotechnology, pharmaceutical and cosmetics


  • Scientists interested in research on IPSC and cells differentiated from iPSC


  • Health care providers / health care institutions

Our offer


  • Complete line of iPSC and cardiomyocytes
  • Conducting complete of generating iPSC and differentiated cel upon the commission of potential researchers interested in thier application

Research services

  • Research on the safety and effectiveness of potential drugs: comprehensive studies on the toxicity of selected substances – potential oncological drugs
  • Tests on drug efficacy in correcting cardiomyocytes defects, caused by functional disorder (as a result of mutations or undergoing oncological therapy)

Research on the safety and effectiveness of potenial drugs:

  • We offer the industry and health care institutions the toxicity studies, including tests on potential cardiotoxicity of the substances suspected to be an environmental threat

Our offer will enable the scientists and companies researching new drugs, on selecting safer substances, reducing unnecessary costs of preclinical trials; it may accelerate the process of introducing new drugs into the market.


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