Scaffold for corneal reconstruction using 3D printing and bio-printing

ACELLMED Sp. z o.o. and the Silesian Medical Technology Park Kardio-Med Silesia have estabilished cooperation for the implementation of a project co-financed by the European Regional Developmet Found for the Regional Operational Programme of the Silesia for 204-2020 from Priority Axis I. Modern Economy Measure 1.2 Research, Development and Innovation in Enterprices.

The project is called: „Scaffold for corneal reconstruction using 3D printing and bio-printing”
The aim of the project: development of R&D activity and competitiveness through the implementaion of R&D work, which will result in innovative product in the form of scaffold with embedded stem cells, based on the technology of bio-printing and 3D printing for use in corneal reconstruction. The aim will be achieved in February 2023.
The main scientific aim will be preparation of material composition and technoloy of scaffold as well as the isolation, multiplication and colonization of this scaffold with stem cells from the patient. Acellmed and Silesian Medical Technology Park Kardio-Med Silesia aim to develop a drug that could be used in the procedure of regenerative medicine.

Project assumptions:

  • To obtain a stabel, robust scaffold with acceptable transluency in the surgical procedure, comparable to a comerciallly available product
  • To obtain the ability to source and culture corneal stromal cells and their basic characterization
  • Obtain a sterile and biocompatible scaffold that tested in cell contact or in-vivo
  • To develop a corneal cel model that takes into account the presence of the scaffold material
  • To obtain an alternative method of scaffold production based on atomated and reproducible 3D printing bioprinting)
  • Achieve the ability to uniformly distribute cells on the surface od the scffoldusing 3D printing
  • Demonstrate normal corneal cel growth using at least one of the fabricated scaffolds in vitro
  • Positive evaluation of cel scaffolds for use in surgical procedure
  • Demonstration of the effectiveness of a surgical procedure for corneal repair using the developed prototype

Project implementation period: 1.03.2021 – 30.06.2023

Project value:

  • Total expenditure: PLN 4,481,794.81
  • Eligible expenditure: PLN 4,067,164.81
  • Requested funding: PLN 3,457,090.07