Mutation-resistant nano therapeutics inhibiting infection progress of RNA-virus, SARS-CoV-2

ACELLMED Sp. z o.o., the Silesian Medical Technology Park Kardio-Med Silesia and the University of Wrocław – Faculty of Biotechnology, have established cooperation for the implementation of a project co-financed by the Medical Research Agency under the “Call for proposals for the development of innovative therapeutic solutions using RNA technology.”  under the call ABM/2021/5.

The project is named: “Mutation-resistant nano therapeutics inhibiting infection progress of RNA-virus, SARS-CoV-2.”

PROJECT OBJECTIVE – development of R&D activity and competitiveness through implementation of R&D works, which will result in a drug inhibiting leukemia cell proliferation used during oncology therapy. The goal will be achieved by October 2025.

The main scientific objective is to develop an effective therapy for Sars-CoV-2 infection. Acellmed, the Silesian Medical Technology Park Kardio-Med Silesia and the University of Wroclaw aim to develop a drug that can be used to treat the progression of COVID-19 disease.

Project objectives:

  • To develop an optimal formulation of a peptide-liposome combination nanotherapeutic,
  • testing of the drug on an in vitro cellular model in order to characterize the functional properties of the developed preparation, to prove inhibition of syncytia formation and to assess non-specific toxicity in an in vitro model,
  • preclinical studies of the drug on a small animal model (mouse, hamster) for the assessment of non-specific toxicity and evaluation of therapeutic efficacy in an in vivo model,
  • parallel work in the area of optimization of the drug production process in accordance with GLP/GMP standards for future use of the drug in humans in clinical trials, and the possibility of future commercialization of the product,
  • development of innovative technologies in the area of RNA – thanks to the development of 1 nanotherapeutic agent based on liposome;
  • reduction of the risk of hospitalization of people infected with SARS-COV-2, thereby increasing the efficiency of the health care system;
  • preventing premature death, saving lives, and achieving full recovery for patients who cannot be vaccinated or have been infected with a mutation to which they have not developed immunity;
  • widening the scope of application of biotechnology in the RNA field due to cooperation and transfer of knowledge and know-how between the business sector and research units (including dissemination of project results through publications and cooperation of 1 company and 2 research units).

Project implementation period: 01.09.2021-31.10.2025

Project value:

  • Total cost of the project: PLN 19,403,381.30
  • Co-financing: PLN 18,204,731.30