See you at the IX Health Challenges Congress  Today marks the beginning of the IX Health Challenges Congress with a very interesting program aligned with the activities of @Acellmed. We’ve already had a fascinating session dedicated to ophthalmology: “Ophthalmology: Are We Succeeding in Preventing Vision Loss?”, with the participation of eminent experts, including Deputy Minister of Health Mr. Maciej Miłkowski, National Consultant in Ophthalmology Prof. Marek Rękas, Vice-Rector for Development and Technology Transfer of the Medical University of Silesia in Katowice – Head of the Department and Clinical Division of Ophthalmology SUM in Katowice Prof. Edward Wylęgała.

Ahead of us are important sessions dedicated to public health, oncology, immunology-virology, rare diseases, biologic and biosimilar drugs, as well as a debate on Start-Up-Med.

The Health Challenges Congress is one of the main events dedicated to the medical industry in Poland. The event brings together key experts from the healthcare sector, including representatives from the Ministry of Health, central units operating in the healthcare sector, doctors, representatives of patient organizations, scientists, managers, representatives of pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies, including representatives of medical startups. It is also an excellent forum for exchanging experiences, best practices, and inspiration for business and science representatives – individuals and institutions actively involved in innovation in healthcare.

We are very excited to participate in this event – see you at the Congress!